By: Floris Wolvetang


Hi, welcome to my portfolio wich contains a variety of Art forms. Curiosity has always been the main drive to create my Art. I have always wanted to know how things were made, and I wanted to make them myself. During my travells, I have seen so many beautifull things made by people, that it fueled me to create the things that bring me joy. Paintings have inspired me with their content, their style or their colours. Sculptures have inspired me with their forms, their craftsmanship or their size. Movies have inspired me with their cinematography and the way they have been editted. Photo's have inspired me with the camera angles they were taken with, or the light they were shot in. Coming to think of it, maybe it is craftsmanship itself that inspires me. Craftsmanship in every discipline of human endeavours. Another great source of inspiration is ofcourse nature itself. As I often witness the splendour of creation, I want to at least try to match my feeling for it in paint, or capture it with my camera.