ABOUT ME (in short)

I was born in Ghana, raised in South Africa, studied in Holland, ment to be an Artist, so that is what I do.

When I paint, I feel at my best. Every painting  or sculpture is an expression of my gratitude for the beauty of life itself.

I have come to know myself as someone who is wild at heart and daring, but also as someone who is tender and delicate. It shows in my work.  Big powerfull abstract paintings with fierce energetic brushstrokes and small figurative paintings full of detail.

For me, the goal for every painting is to share the way I perceive my world wich is often filled with a touch of fantasy and magic. During my walks in the forrest time fades. If I walk alone in stillness, stopping in my tracks, pauzing at the sight of shadows dancing on tree bark, or at the sight of strange twisting tree branches, I get a taste of infinity and maybe I feel a touch of immortality. It is probably this feeling that makes me want to share it with others through my Art.